Crooked Waters
Crooked Waters
The ship is awaiting its captain.
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Virtual battles

Crooked Waters is a multiplayer Virtual Reality game currently in development for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Round up a crew and work together to take down the enemy ships. Strategize with your crew to create the most elaborate plan and ensure victory.

Crew tasks

Every crew member has their own responsibilities. The ship needs to be steered. The cannons need to be resupplied, reloaded and fired. Collaborate with your team to be the most efficient and unpredictable ship.

Ship battles

Navigate through treacherous seas and be aware or your environment. Control the speed of your ship by adjusting the sails accordingly. Communicate with your team so the helmsman, cannoneers and other crew members can work together to beat the enemy.


You can match up with random a random crew or invite your friends to join you on your endeavours. With your team you must fight a crew of the same size that has the same equipment.

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