Frequently asked questions


Is there any single-player or offline gameplay available?

At the moment there is no single player game mode, however we recognize this as an issue and keep this in mind while developing the game. For example we keep match times as short as possible and you don't need a full team to start a match. We are looking at the possibilities for solo gameplay. This might take form in tutorials/practice modes or even PVE.


Is this a sailing simulator?

No, we want players to easily understand what's going on while still giving depth to the ship mechanics, but one of our guidelines while developing is playability over realism.

Does the game support Oculus Rift/WMR?

The game supports the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift using SteamVR. Windows mixed reality is not officially supported yet. 


Do you plan to add treassure hunting / exploring in later updates?

It depends on the feedback we get from the community. We want to broaden the ship vs ship gameplay to make the battles more interesting and add exploring to add a more 'chill' side to the game. How and if we prioritize these features depends on where the community wants to take the game.