Crooked Waters: Conquest Gamemode


With the new update a new gamemode to which this update is named after is introduced: Conquest. Conquest will give Crooked Waters more variety regarding to the amount of players needed to play the game.

The main goal of the this update is to make Crooked Waters more accessible for small parties or even single players. Additionally we want to improve Crooked Waters in general so besides the new gamemode a lot of new features and quality of life improvements will be introduced.

The Conquest gamemode can be played either Co-op(1 team) or Versus(2 teams)
In general the objectives will stay the same but Versus will introduce the extra threat of the other team.

The Conquest gamemode consists of multiple stages:

  • Destroying the secondary objectives.

  • Destroying the primary objective.

  • Claim the treasure chest.

Destroying the secondary objectives.

When the match starts you and your team will spawn on a ship in the Caribbean water.

Around the map there are three small outposts. These outposts are defended by a tower and cannons. To complete a secondary objective, the tower must be destroyed.
First thing you want to do is determine what the strategy is of your team.

You could either play safe, find the nearest secondary objective, destroy it and claim the loot that is dropped. Or you could try to find the other team and ambush them while they are fighting against one of the secondary objectives.
Of course you don’t know where the other team spawns so finding them might be a challenge on itself.

Destroying the primary objective

In the center of the world there is a large fortress. This is your primary objective. However at the start of the match this fortress is protected by an unknown force and cannot be destroyed yet.

The force field will only go down when all secondary objectives are destroyed, or after a fixed amount of time has passed since the start of the match.

When you receive the notification that the force field is down, you want to go as fast as possible to the center of the map and engage the fortress. But remember, if you play Versus this is where the real action starts. Both teams want to take down the fortress but also have the threat of each other. This is where the loot you’ve picked up from the secondary objectives hopefully gives you the advantage.

To destroy the primary objective, both towers have to be destroyed. When this happens, the gates will open and the fortress will go in its last stand to defend. Infantry will run out to defend the docks.

Claim the treasure chest.

When the gates are open you want to dock your ship as fast as possible and go for the treasure chest that is inside the walls. If you play Versus, both teams have to dock there ship and race for the treasure. This will become a real rat race when both teams are daring to each other. While rushing for the treasure you have to fight of the other players as well.

When one of the teams finally claimed the treasure, it will be crowned as the winner of the match.


Since the Early Access release of Crooked Waters we have had one gamemode: Deathmatch. This is the basic gamemode where two teams fight against each other until one of the ships sinks.
We have decided that since this gamemode is already implemented we will leave it in the game and let the players decide whether they want to play Conquest or Deathmatch.

Deathmatch will also be played in the new world. There will be some extra gameplay features added to Deathmatch in comparison with the current Deathmatch.

Since the new world is quite larger than the current world , we decided that Deathmatch will be played in a restricted area to prevent the game from stalling too much.

When one of the ships sink there will be no respawning and the winner will be the remaining ship.

Difficulty scaling

Conquest will be playable with a wide variety of players. It can be played by one player to up to 8 players in total. Because of this wide variety of player numbers the Conquest gamemode must scale with it. The difficulty of the Conquest NPC’s is depending on the total amount of players that are in the match.

Scaling of objectives

The scaling of the secondary objectives(the outposts) is done by increasing their HP. So the more players are in the match, the more damage needs to be dealt before the objective is destroyed.

Ship respawning

In the new Conquest gamemode ships are able to respawn when they are destroyed. There are two tiers of spawn locations in the Conquest world: the outer and inner ring.

The current tier will depend on the progression that the match is in. Read more about the spawn locations in our upcoming Map layout devblog.

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