Devblog #6: A preview to 1.0 “Conquest” update



This devblog will discuss and address the upcoming changes to Crooked Waters with the 1.0 update. The changes will mainly be about the introduction of a new gamemode; Conquest. Conquest will replace the old gamemode at launch.

We designed Conquest around the idea of being able to play with less players without losing out on the fun the game has to offer. Another direction that we wanted to explore through this gamemode was the addition of new items and different types of ammunition for players to use to add a lot more diversity to the game. On top of that we were already playing around with the idea of player vs player combat.

We also felt that adding in computer controlled enemies would make a great challenge for the players as this would force them to think about where they would pick their fights and how they would navigate the map.

Let’s get into the gamemode!



In Conquest players are tasked with bringing down a big fortress located in the center of the map.

The gamemode is split up in two different phases;

First phase - Gathering power

Before taking on the big fortress the teams will have to gather a bit more firepower for their ships. Spread over the map are smaller objectives that teams can complete in order to gain rewards. These rewards will come in handy for your team on the way to destroy the main objective.

Completing an objective does not automatically claim the reward for your team. Once the chest has been dropped in the water it’s anyone's game, meaning that the first team to reach the reward will be able to claim it.

For example, a smaller island on the side of the map could have a computer controlled ship docked in its bay.

The ship will shoot at other ships coming too close, but taking the ship down will drop a reward in the water. Once the chest is fished out of the water it can be opened to retrieve the helpful goods inside.

Each game will shuffle the objectives. This means that one game you could have a computer controlled ship docked in the bay, but the next game there could be a fortress located on the shore of the island. This tests teams on their ability to come up with strategies on the fly instead sticking to the same strategy every game.

Second phase - Attacking the fortress

The fortress is a computer controlled structure located in the center of the map. The fortress is armed with many ways to bring down ships coming close enough such as cannons, mortars and naval mines.

The fortress located in the centre of the map can’t be accessed from the start, instead it can only be accessed after all of the smaller objectives have been cleared out or a certain amount of time has passed.

Taking down the fortress requires teams to take down the defensive structures first before taking out the command post. The team that deals the killing blow to the command post will be crowned the victor.


Playing with one or two teams

The new gamemode Conquest is an attempt to solve the current issue that is plaguing Crooked Waters right now; the lack of enough players to fill lobbies. We designed this new gamemode around being able to play with two players all the way up to eight players. This way you can still play the full gamemode without having a full lobby.  

Playing with one team focuses more on the battle with the computer controlled objectives. Objectives are much stronger and deal a lot more damage, making them much more challenging.

We felt like this was needed in order to avoid making playing with one team a dull experience. Which would completely be the opposite of what we want to achieve with this gamemode. Again, the goal of this gamemode is to make playing with one team as good and rewarding as playing with two teams.

When playing with two teams both teams will have to contest for the smaller objectives to gain rewards in order to take down the fortress in the center of the map. The objectives are a little bit less strong but it will still be a challenge taking them down.

Aside from the objectives trying to sink your ship you now also have the constant threat of the enemy team lurking around. Finding the enemy team while they are in combat with a smaller objective makes them an easy target as they are probably occupied with taking it down. Making teams constantly think about choosing the right time to engage smaller objectives.



If you have played the game before you’ll know that when playing a standard match killing the opposing team will result in a victory for you and ending the game. For Conquest however this is not the case.

The new gamemode will introduce two different types of respawning;

Ship respawning

Ship respawning will be added to give the losing team another chance instead of directly losing the game. Sinking a player ship will cause the ship and the players on it to respawn after a certain time on their original spawn location.

When the second phase has been started the original spawn points will shift forward so that ships don’t have to sail for 5 minutes in order to contest the fortress.

Player respawning

The 1.0 update will also introduce player damage. This means that players can use swords and musket pistols to try and kill individual members of the opposing team. Killing a player will cause their body to fall to the ground and drop all items this player was carrying. The killed player will respawn on their ship after a set amount of seconds.



To keep the new gamemode fair we will also introduce a scaling system. The scaling system impacts the health of computer controlled objectives and the damage they deal. This is done to keep it a challenge no matter how many players are in the game.

The scaling will be based on two factors;

  • When playing with one team computer controlled objectives gain a rather big boost to their health pool and the damage they can dish out. This is because there is no enemy player team to worry about and we still want to give the player team a challenge.

  • The amount of players in a lobby will also scale the computer controlled objectives. Having more players in a lobby will result in tougher objectives. As there will be more players on each allowing teams to manage more cannons and dealing more damage.



Rewards can be found inside the chests that drop in the water after completing a smaller objective. Rewards can vary from special cannonballs that can bring down masts to special musket guns that deal massive damage or ancient relics that enhance the ship’s capabilities by gaining the favour of the Gods.

The rewards that a team will receive will be chosen at random, with some rewards being more rare than others. Difficulty scaling will also impact the quantity of some rewards. And some rewards will only be available when playing with one team, and the same goes for when playing with two teams. Rewards will drastically increase the chance of your team taking down the fortress as your ship will be completely upgraded if you manage to collect a few. Taking down an enemy ship will sink it to the bottom, the respawning ship will get to keep the rewards that were on it. It is however very possible to steal rewards from other teams.

In the upcoming week we will release a new devblog with a more detailed rundown of all the rewards and what they do.

This about summarizes our plans of the upcoming gamemode. We hope that you are as excited about this massive new update as we are. If you have any suggestions or cool ideas that you want us to be aware of send them in at the game-suggestions channel on our Discord!  

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