Devblog #5: Roadmap to 1.0


AVAST, Brethren of the Coast!

It’s been 2 weeks since the steam release and we’re now ready to move into a regular update schedule: Updates are scheduled to release every 2 weeks on friday, starting next week. Patches and bugfixes are scheduled every week.


Now that the game is on Steam we working on the main issue we’re facing: high amount of players required per match.

2 Player gameplay

Right now you need 8 people in order to play a match. We’re looking to reduce the number of players needed for a valid game to 2. How we plan to do this is described below in the gameplay section.

Viveport, Oculus store

We got a lot of questions about using other platforms than Steam and we started on getting the game to different retailers like Viveport, Oculus store and Green man gaming. This however, will take some time because we need to move from Steam lobbies to a more cross platform friendly solution.


As you may have noticed we have been polling a lot of feedback about the current gamemode lately. We used the feedback to get a better feel for what the community wants. We feel that in order to further advance the gamemode we should add a few new elements in order to make the gamemode more interesting in general and increase playability for smaller groups.


When starting a match, indications will appear for the crew on where different targets are located around the map. The goal is to sail towards one of these targets and take it down using your ship’s cannons, rewarding you with a crate upon completion.

These targets can be for example: a small fortress tower, an anchored ship or a skeleton infested island.


After destroying a target your ship will receive a crate containing a special set of items. A crate can contain a variety of different items like: Barshots to take down enemy masts, Grape shots that can be used as anti-personnel, Flammable or explosive projectiles to set aflame the enemy ship and barrels that you can drop in the water and shoot afterwards.

Final target

When all targets are destroyed, ships are notified to move to the center of the map. Here they will have to fight a final target in order to win the game.

Co-op and PvP

This gamemode can be played with 1 ship with a minimal crew of 2. The difficulty of the targets will scale with the amount of players in the game. When playing with 1 ship you are only playing against the computer controlled targets.

When played with 2 ships ( > 4 people) the gamemode will still be the same, but with two different teams battling for control!

Targets will have to be battled and fought over, whichever ship kills the target will receive the  crates. These crates will give you an advantage over the enemy ship so it’s best to collect as many as possible.

When all targets are destroyed, both ships move to the center to battle each other and the final target. It’s also possible that one of the ships is already taken down in an earlier encounter before all targets were killed. In that case the ship that’s still left will have to fight the final target without the threat of the enemy ship. Whenever your ship is taken down you will leave the game and will be ready to start a new game.


New features and concepts will appear on our new roadmap:

While it’s still a work in progress, we hope to get some feedback on concepts before they are implemented.

If you have any concerns, opinions, thoughts or questions please fire away on Discord or reply on the roadmap on Trello.

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